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The current and easiest way to date a Brooks saddle is to look for a colored stamp on its underside. The stamp represents the month with a letter and is surrounded by the year. For saddles manufactured between 1960 and 1988, the manufacture date can be found stamped on the metal frames of the saddle The change in logo was in the mid 50's. 55 or 56 being the most likely. Certainly prior to '57 as Brooks catalogues use the 'new' logo by that date. Pre war can be identified by key-slot cut outs,.. After 24 hours, I placed the saddle on a smooth, hard surface, and started kneading the wide part of the saddle with the heel of my right hand. The sides of the saddle would flair out as I did this. I also kneaded the narrower part of the saddle where the three vent holes are located. I did this once a day for three days The B17 Saddle. Brooks has been selling the B17 leather saddle continuously since the 1890s. It's aimed at long distance cyclists. The Team Pro range also derives from the B17, while the Flyer.

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  1. Which is the best Brooks saddle for touring? The Brooks B17 Family. As far as I can work out, these are the following leather saddles in the Brooks B17 range: Brooks B17 Standard; Brooks B17 S Standard; Brooks B17 Special; Brooks B17 Special Titanium; Brooks B17 S Imperial; Brooks B17 Imperial; That's a lot of Brooks models. They don't make it easy, do they!
  2. The metal frames of the saddles were stamped with the date of manufacture from sometime in the 1960s to about 1988. The current method of stamping Brooks saddles is a colored stamp on the underside of the saddle, with a number for the year surrounding a letter for the month
  3. Brooks saddle anti-splaying modification. Here's a well-used Brooks B17 Standard leather saddle. It lives on Cyril, my 1932 Raleigh Record, and is immoderately comfortable. The weight of the.
  4. By breaking in your Brooks B17 etc. leather saddle, you create the valleys in the leather for your sitbones and the crotch area of the pelvis bone. Therefore you need enough time for the leather to deform at these three areas. There is various information on the net
  5. Artisan Shooting: Wahey - a friend gave me a Brooks saddle today... It's a black b17 in reasonable condition, it looked a lot better after I rubbed it with a large amount of Beeswax (Snowseal). After trying to fit it, it seems that the seat rail to rail distance is not quite standard. The distance between the rails is about 4cm which fits neither my road nor mountain bike...
  6. If you are sliding forward YOUR SADDLE IS TOO HIGH. Sliding forward, when the saddle is level, is your legs way to shorten the extension. Do this: level 2/3 of the front of the saddle. If you creep forward or put pressure on your hands lower the saddle in 1/4 increments until you are stable
  7. s. Polish it off with a clean rag to remove excess

Published on Sep 6, 2019. How to install a Brooks Saddle // In this video I take you through the process of preparing and installing a Brooks B17 Saddle. I've just bought a new Brooks B17 saddle. Do not overuse. After the break-in period, it is normal and proper to tension the saddle to retain its shape and comfort. To tension the leather top, turn the nose bolt nut clockwise, 90° at a time, checking after each turn until the desired tension is reached. You can use this tension spanner or an Allen key How to install a Brooks Saddle video. The Flyer model looks cool and feels cool after breaking in, adjustments, and fine tuning The B17 and C17 are two of Brooks's outstandingly designed and elite bike saddles. So, there were times when many cyclists were at a crossroads between these two biking saddles. Therefore; we shall be reviewing these two saddles and making an in-depth analysis between them. Table of Contents show. Brooks B17 Saddle

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Since then my riding position has got steadily lower. The B17 is just the wrong shape for an aggressive posture. So I decided for this trip to go instead for a B17 Imperial Narrow (the one with the cut-out), and butcher it in the traditional fashion. Here are the steps: 1. Remove the Brooks nameplate from the back of the saddle. 2 A supremely comfortable saddle thanks to its flexible, hammock-like, performance that moves with every pedal stroke, the B17 is a bike seat designed for the 60° angled riding position. Handmade in England from beautiful and durable 100% vegetable tanned leather that will mould and shape individually to each rider, the B17 is finished with premium steel rivets and undercarriage Brooks City Saddles - C17, B17, C19, B33, B66, B67, B135 . Brooks B15 Swallow. MSRP $210. The Swallow was Brooks' answer to a racing saddleback in the '30s although it's a bit heavy for today's racers. It has a thinner design for race positioning and comes in steel and titanium versions Rub it In. Applying the Proofide is actually quite easy. The majority will go on the underside of the saddle and all you'll need is a clean cloth, your packet of Proofide, and maybe a q-tip/allen wrench/anything long and thin to help you get to those hard to reach places For women and smaller riders, our best-selling B17 model is also available with a shorter nose, the B17 Short, perfect for commuting, gravel, road cycling and touring + trekking use. Thanks to its flexible, hammock-like performance that moves with every pedal stroke, the B17 Short is a supremely comfortable saddle designed for the 60° angled riding position

Brooks B17 saddle tension? Ask Question Asked 2 years, 6 months ago. Active 2 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 838 times 3. I've been using my Brooks saddle for about 1 year and at first it was really comfortable but less and less I think. It's my first. Brooks makes a product called Proofide for saddle care. For normal use, once or twice a year is likely enough. To use, start with a dry saddle and wipe off any grit or dirt with a dry rag. Then take a very small dab of Proofide and spread it on the top surface of the saddle The B17 is a fairly wide saddle that is best for upright bikes. IMHO, if you're in the drops or even somewhat aero, a more narrow saddle like the Brooks Pro is much better. Finally, it could be that the saddle just isn't a match for your butt. Brooks makes great stuff, but they're not for everybody-- no saddle is

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Brooks B17 Standard Leather Bike Saddle. Similar to the horse saddles Brooks once made, B17 saddles use stretched leather hammock construction that requires a break-in period I just got a new old saddle for an upcoming project for which I'm currently gathering parts. It's a honey-colored Brooks B17 Standard, which is probably my favorite all-around saddle. Prices for new B17s are around $120 - $130 nowadays. (The first one I ever bought was probably little more than half that) Hand-hammered rivets and special finishes characterise the B17 Special Saddle. Like all of our leather saddles, each beautiful B17 Special emerges by hand from our Smethwick, England factory where it has been carefully finished with hand-hammered copper rivets to add life to the saddle by protecting the durable vegetable tanned leather Radsport-Produkte zu Bestpreisen. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic A Brooks B17 saddle will last for decades if looked after . Regular readers will know I have two bikes and each has a Brooks B17 saddle. I think they are very comfortable, timeless, good looking (if somewhat eccentric) and Continue reading

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Brooks saddles aren't cheapbut they're not that expensive, either! OK, so lot's of folks gripe about the cost of Brooks saddles and, yeah, $350 for a saddle is pretty nuts for most people, but $90 for a B17 is not. $100 saddles are commonplace, but few are as comfortable and none are as well made and long lasting as a Brooks Brooks B17 Saddle. July 25, 2009. Brooks B17 Standard. The Brooks B17 saddle is an excellent upgrade for any touring bike. Providing cyclists with miles of comfort for over 100 years, it's sure to receive respectful nods of approval from fellow riders My B17's are Ti Special and they are all on high end sub twenty pound bikes. One point, if you get a saddle, even the B17, and you feel like you're in pain, get rid of it. No amount of breakin will fix it. A Brooks saddle should feel comfortable, though a little hard when you get it. If it hurts to ride it, get another model

Like a fine wine - but unlike an early episode of Top Gear (Dave, weekday mornings, for the homeworkers and self-isolators out there) - the Brooks B17 Classic saddle improves with age I forget the name of Tom Milton's saddles, but if you go to mcmwin.com you can look at them. You also have to go through him to get Monarch leather to put a cut-out in your Brooks saddle. Tom used to sell Brooks B-17s with a cut out, but that was before he designed his own saddle. I have a Brooks B-17 Imperial and I am happy with it Just buy a Brooks saddle. This one was for my wife's touring bike. Ignore what people say about how they are so uncomfortable until they are broken in. They start off as comfortable as any other saddle and then they just get better. BTW: I always buy them from ModernBike because their prices are consistently the best and their service is fantastic Brooks B17 saddle. A similar, sprung model, the Flyer, can increase comfort and take the roughness out of the ride of a small-wheel bicycle. A sprung saddle also makes good sense for the stoker on a tandem, who cannot see bumps ahead to unweight the saddle. Brooks Flyer saddle. Racing saddles, such as the Brooks Team Pro, do not have bag loops

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My b17 select looked almost just like yours in the middle of india when the frame broke. Sent it to brooks an got installed the titanium frame, and works like sharm again! Duct tape litteraly saved my ass on that trip lol. I have searched the internet and found a variety of opinions about re-tensioning a Brooks leather saddle Brooks B17 Standard Classic saddle från ROSE Bikes. ★ Personlig betjäning på svenska ★ Snabba leveranser ★ Förmånliga prise

Brooks Saddles B17 Standard is our flagship model, ideal for long distance sports touring, trekking and atb use. It has been on the market for over 100 years, being featured in as early as the 1898 catalogue Had a Selle Italia leather saddle MANY years ago, and gave it away with the bike. So kept trying to find something to match the comfort without luck. After about 30 years, bit the bullet and went back to a Brooks. Swift is too narrow, but the B17 fits well. Very well. And the B17 Imperial is as near perfect as possible How to Lace a Brooks Saddle. When you buy a new Brooks Saddle, you need to lace it to give you the comfort and support you need on the bike.If you notice that the leather of your saddle starts to sag and gives you less support, then it is time for you to tighten your saddle

Brooks' flagship leather saddle: unchanged for over a century, it moulds to the rider for premium bum comfort on longer rides. Free Delivery Free Returns Same Day Despatch Manufactured in the UK, a tough 5mm thick leather top is stretched from a thin metal cantle plate at the rear, over the rails to the nose piece and secured by rivets Brooks B17 Standard review. Brooks' legendary traditional leather saddles, like the B17, are still potentially the most comfortable around. We say potentially it moulds to a truly custom fit that. The Brooks B17 is a truly a beautiful saddle. First introduced in 1898, the B17 has been in production for over 100 years. Superb craftsmanship and a vintage yet timeless design set it apart from other touring and commuting saddles. The tensioned leather evolves over time, giving each saddle a unique character The B17 is the archetypal leather saddle, appearing in the Brooks catalogue for the first time in 1898. The profile was wider than today's but essential features remain unchanged. A B17 saddle comprises a leather top that's attached to a nose piece by rivets (hence the phrase on the rivet to describe riding at maximum intensity), and to a metal cantle plate at the rear

Before we begin this Brooks B17 Imperial review, I think you'll agree that a lot of ink is spilled over England's Brooks.. I'd go so far to say that the mere image of these handcrafted leather saddles provokes passionate debates. Debates so intense that the simple attributes of the saddles themselves get overlooked The saddle is the most important part of any bicycle. Have a bad one and you'll learn to hate cycling. Have a good one and you will have no problem taking your favourite bike on long journeys all over the place. Leather and comfort have long gone hand in hand so I'll be examining the Brooks b15 vs B17 The Brooks B17, another top quality bike saddle which represents 140 years of craftsmanship. The undoubted supremacy of Brooks saddles is largely due to their irreproachable quality in every detail. The leather is absolutely the best obtainable and is thoroughly adapted for its purpose. Retention of shape, and even improvement after the break-in period, is the crucial test of a leather top and. Brooks B17 Select at 7km. Brooks B17 Select at 489km. Brooks B17 Select at 8000km. Before setting off from Scotland to Istanbul in the Summer of 2016, I added a waterproof RandiJo Fabrications waxed cotton saddle cover. This is it after the 4326km tour. The 'naked' Brooks B17 Select at 12500km after the 2016 tour. Now it is REALLY comfortable Leather saddles are the way to go for long term comfort and saddle durability, with the Brooks B17 and B17s being market leaders. At Temple Cycles we design and make a range of modern bikes with a classic aesthetic for city, country, touring and road riding. All our bikes are lightweight, versatile and built to last

Brooks B17 Leather SaddlesBy Ben McLandressWhen you hear someone talking about a leather bicycle saddle, chances are an image is formed in your head. And chances are that image is of a Brooks saddle.Brooks England Ltd.Brooks England has been in the bicycle saddle game since the beginning Literally. They started making leather goods out of Hockley i Brooks changed the badge design on the B17 saddles in around 1954 from an oval design to a trapezum shape. There are a few exceptions - mostly more recent Books saddles that have been recreations. The B27 and B37 models were introduced by Brooks about 1948 with an aluminium cantleplate and stainless steel rails and were only available for about five years FYI the seatpost is an offset Kona Thumb and saddle is Brooks B17 S (women's sizing). I haven't bothered to whip out the measuring tape yet but will do so if this seems to be an issue. level 2. 3 points · 10 months ago. You should be good Choose a Brooks Saddle that Fits your Riding Style Brooks categorizes their saddles in three different segments. Road / MTB. If you're usually positioned over your bars, these are for you. Road and mountain bike saddles are narrower and sometimes longer than other models. Their most popular saddle in this style is their iconic B17 saddle MADE IN ENGLAND - The B17 Imperial features the central cut-out, first designed by BROOKS over 100 years ago. The registered cutting, as can be read in the 1890 catalogue, is a sure preventive to all perineal pressure. Brooks' most versatile sports saddle incorporating a 'cut-out' top for pressure relief. Durable Vegetable Tanned Leathe

The Brooks B17 Champion saddles are what Brooks call the B17 Special on their website. They are the upmarket better looking version of the standard B17 and have large hand hammered copper rivets and chamfered leather skirt edge. I have the B17 Special in black with titanium rails on my tourer. It looks fantastic to my eyes The Brooks B17 is already the standard to which all other leather bike saddle makers aspire. Add these large copper rivets and you have something truly special. I like this saddle even better than my Brooks Professional because it's a bit wider and it has saddle-bag loops, which the Professional lacks However, I am not here to sell you a saddle, I am here to remind you to ride your bike! I purchased a Brooks B17 Imperial leather bicycle saddle that has holes in the sides which allow laces to prevent the sides from curling up. Laces give the saddle more structure. I had no idea how to lace this saddle, so I consulted my old friend the Internet Brooks Cambium All Weather C17 saddle review. Comfort and style for any bike Our rating . 4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5 GBP £103.00 RRP | USD $120.00.

Earlier Brooks embossing probably dating from around 1915. The Brooks B17 saddle was originally launched sometime in the mid 1890s - it's not been possible to establish the exact year. Initially, the B17 was not the top racing model in Brooks lineup. The B9, B10 and B11 were the top racing saddles The C17 is modeled closely after Brooks' B17 saddle, which is almost one inch wider than the C15, but still retains its racy shape and lines. The Cambium C19 saddle adds almost another inch to its width, which Brooks advertises makes it ideal for touring, city riding, and a more upright seated position I bought a Brooks Flyer saddle a month ago, having convinced myself that it was the best saddle for 'extended' riding. I ride to work everyday, each way lasting 45 minutes. I found with the original saddle that comes on the Trek 7.4 FX hybrid bike, it was comfortable enough in the first 30 minutes Brooks B66 and B67 are made for road riding and specifically described as a saddle that will be great when paired with bike handlebar placed slightly above the upper seat height, making the rider position rather straight and they sure does helpful for this position because the rear part is wide to capture more weight. Brooks B66 and B67 Suspensio The B17 is most appropriate for cyclists who set their handlebars about the same height as their saddles, or a bit lower. All of the B17 models feature bag loops to permit the use of a traditional English-style touring bag. Brooks saddles, being real leather, require some maintenance

These saddles are fitted with single rails which makes them compatible with most seat posts. The Brooks B-17 is the most popular saddle in the Brooks Classic series. It is the oldest Brooks saddle and the longest running saddle in the history of cycling. The B-17 saddle has been sold since 1896 and has never been taken out of production Arguably, the saddle is usually one of the first components that many cyclists will upgrade. My first saddle upgrade. After an endless amount of research, I bought my first saddle - the Brooks B17 leather saddle. Cyclists worldwide praised the signature B17 as the gold standard for touring, so I figured they couldn't be wrong

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Brooks England B17 Steel Saddle Specifications. The simple design of Brooks B17 saddle features stretched leather hammock construction. Such unique design ages and break-in over time. If maintained with care, the B17 will conform to the contours of your body and last for years to come. Usual break-in time is around 160 to 1000 km Proofide, should be applied underneath to all Brooks saddles when new, and then looked after by a 6 monthly dab. Yes a small amount of patience is required. The Brooks Pro taking the longest to break in. I've had many Pro's over the years along with B17's Presently I'm riding 3 Pro's and a B17 Brooks England B17 Short Saddle. AU$168.87 - AU$190.42 (56) Brooks England D Shaped Pre-Aged Saddle Bag. AU$190.14 (4) Brooks England Cambium C17 All-Weather Carved Saddle. AU$172.24 (6) Brooks England Cambium All The Brooks bike saddle story started way back in 1866,.

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Brooks B17 Saddle 5000 Mile Review - Duration: 4:12. Dave Briggs 37,045 views. 4:12. BROOKS // Brooks England - The Blues of an Icon - Duration: 14:01. Brooks England 130,956 views This Brooks B17 Imperial saddle is on my main touring bicycle, a 1993 Bianchi Project 5 cross bike, converted to a gravel bike with aero bars. I will benefit from the comfort of this saddle on multiple consecutive, 40 mile days of cross country travel Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Brooks England B211A07202 B17 Standard Bicycle Saddle, Black Rails, Men's at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users You already know about Brooks Saddles. I'm 6'0 tall and 190LBS, athletic fit. The Fizik Arione saddle I had was a bit too slim for me and decided to purchase the tested and proven Brooks B17 for my Cinelli Vigorelli. I have not broken into them yet but after about 20miles, I can say that it's a better fit for me Brooks Saddles B17 is our flagship model, ideal for long distance sports touring, trekking and atb use. It has been on the market for over 100 years, being featured in as early as the 1898 catalogue . The frame is made of titanium rails, and the black leather seat features hand hammered copper rivets. The saddle weighs 410 grams

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Brooks B17 Special Saddle (2) rate now. This product is currently not available! Please notify me as soon as the item is available for delivery again. Available at 06.03.2021 RRP* €145.00. €104.99 saved 28. Brooks Saddles Men's Imperial B17 Narrow Bike Saddle with Hole and Laces, Honey. 4.5 out of 5 stars 31. $122.15 $ 122. 15. FREE international delivery. Brooks Saddles B17 Bicycle Saddle. 4.1 out of 5 stars 31. Brooks England Cambium All Weather Bike Seat - High Mileage, Waterproof, Carved/Standard Bicycle Saddle (C15, C17, C19 The Brooks B17 Imperial saddle is built similar to the B17 Classic Version (product 1903607), but comes with a centre cut-out for improved ventilation and pressure relief in the perineal area. Thus, it is perfectly suitable for sports. It comes with leather straps on the sides to prevent the side flaps from flaring to the sides. Details

Buy your Brooks England B17 Standard Saddle - Saddles from Wiggle Cycle To Work. Our price £104.99. Free worldwide delivery available Brooks England B17 Titanium SaddleIn 1882, after experienceing the discomfort of bicycle saddles and deciding to do something about it, Mr Brooks filed his first saddle patent. Cyclists everywhere rejoiced and the new product was a roaring success The B17 is the Brooks flagship model, ideal for long distance sportive touring, trekking and atb use Brooks B17 Narrow Imperial Bike Saddle. Bicycle saddle reviews can be difficult to discern. Finding the right bicycle saddle has many personal variables — from riding style to, yes, bum shape. Most bikes today come with saddles made of molded plastic or nylon, though some higher end saddles are made of carbon fiber

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Brooks tells you to only use their saddle polish, but anything will do as long as it is natural and doesn't have chemicals in it. Personally I would suggest bee's wax, you can use it for saddle, grips, shoes, handbags etc. Natural leather fat by Gold Quality A year old Brooks Saddle with signs of wear Chances are, if someone tells you they have a Brooks saddle, it will be the B17. Featured as far back as the 1898 Brooks catalogue, the B17 was designed as a long haul touring or bike-packing option. The B17 Special takes the same shape as the B17 but f Posts Tagged 'brooks b17 saddle 1970s' Project Holland, Part 2 - Old Gold : Posted in bicycle recycling , brooks bicycle saddles , classic australian bicycles , four speed hubs , old three speed bikes , tagged brooks b17 saddle 1970s , holland bicycle melbourne , pdw fenderbot , sr silstar cranks , sturmey archer fw four speed hub , weinmann carrera caliper brake on September 27, 2017| 5.

That's an excerpt from our buddy Pops Jr.'s True Facts About Saddles, a highly recommended read if you still need to be convinced of the merits of riding a Brooks B17. We love a good Standard B17, and it comes in some fun colors (not as fun as the Limited Edition B17s ): red, apple green, a blue that might as well be black, actual black, and the other classics: honey and brown ViewBrooks B17 Narrow SaddleBrooks B17 Narrow SaddleBrooks B17 Narrow Saddle. With more than 100 years of saddle-making experience, Brooks knows how to make a comfortable saddle. This narrow iteration of the venerable Brooks B17 Standard bicycle saddle is ideal for long distance touring, trekking and all-terrain bike use.- Further Info- Get Best Price- Visit Performanc Fast-forward 149 years and some of the earliest saddles that JB Brooks patented — notably the B17 — are still being produced in Birmingham to a virtually identical specification I've seen some old Brooks with the swoop thing goin on, it's a shame to see a mistreated saddle. Whoa, gotta stop myself, this is gettin' long. After a quick reread of the 1st post, my older 17 has splayed out a little in its years of faithful service

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Hello, One more question related to saddles. I finally got the Thunder Buster seat post, and I am sticking with my Brooks B17 saddle... Recently an experienced and older cyclist screamed when he saw my saddle, trying to convince me to get a saddle prostate-friendly because he has had prostate problems I have noticed, though, that whenever I stop and talk to other cyclists, they almost always ask about my Brooks Saddle, especially the few-months-old B17 I have on my fixed-gear bike (my other.

The Brooks B17 saddle is an excellent upgrade for any touring bike. Providing cyclists with miles of comfort for over 100 years, it's sure to receive respectful nods of approval from fellow riders. This handmade, leather saddle is made in England, and is one of the best selling saddles in their lineup thanks to its versatility Brooks England is a bicycle saddle manufacturer in Smethwick, West Midlands, England.It has been making leather goods since 1866, when it was founded in Hockley, Birmingham.In the 1880s, the production of bicycle saddles began, the first saddle patent having been filed in 1882. In a 2014 interview with Feel Desain, a Brooks spokesperson stated that according to family legend, the company began.

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Here are photos of my latest Brooks saddle chop job. I took a Makita grinder to a new B17 Narrow saddle and chopped off it's skirts, nose, & rear and finished off using a medium grit sandpaper. Since I am not a heavy rider, I didn't tie or secure the mid section of the saddle as it is done on a Brooks Swallow, for example Brooks B17 Standard Saddle The Brooks B17 is an English made leather saddle that has truly stood the test of time. Being Brooks flagship model for over 100 years the B17 has been the goto leather saddle for long distance touring trekking and allterrain use. Cyclist of any ilk can appreciate a comfortable saddle as its one of few actual contact points when riding a bicycle A year-old Brooks B17 saddle in honey The world probably doesn't need another review of the venerable Brooks B17. But I've spent so much time seated on one that I have to share my opinion, too. Riding my first century ride on my first Brooks B17 saddle in 2017. The bike is a 1970s Italveg The saddle molds to your bum over time. Keep the proofide on regularly & tension as required. I have ridden a B17 Special Titanium saddle on 600 k Rando rides. Comfortable all the way. People mention that the saddle is hard & how do you ride on it. The great thing about a Brooks saddle is it is suspended. Held up by the back bracket & nose piece

Bought a Brooks B17 to replace the Pro on my road bike because I heard that a B17 will break in a little quicker than a Pro. Liked that B17 enough that I bought this B17 to replace the squishy saddle on my slightly more upright commuter bike. I like this B17 too. Great saddle if the rider is patient enough to let it break in and keeps the. I bought a bargain-priced titanium-railed Brooks Swift from one of my internet friends. The Swift is a 'racier,' 'sportier,' 'spendier' leather saddle than my B17, and a whole different category of throne altogether than Angelina's B72.I needed a new saddle for either the Singular Gryphon (more on that later), or the Ross (as it gets the Singular's gears), and I liked the idea. B17 Standard Saddle: No padded pods, cutouts, or new-fangled gel inserts, this is the classic leather saddle that's gently carried cyclists around the globe since about 1898. It consists of

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Brooks B17 Softened Men Saddle The B17 and B17 S Aged are the new versions of our flagship models. The B17 has been on the market for over 100 years, being featured in as early as the 1898 catalogue Brooks B17 Standard Classic saddle at ROSE Bikes. ★ Individual service ★ Fast delivery ★ Over 110 years of tradition. See for yourself The saddle top is hung over the nose piece, rails and rear metal cantle like a hammock. This design, when combined with the saddle's supple materials, allows the saddle to move with the rider, reducing chafing whilst still providing support. The C17 Cambium is narrower and a little racier in design than the B17 Brooks B17 Saddle for Men. I purchased this saddle after reading many reviews online. The reason I chose this saddle was that I was looking to find a saddle that made my riding much more comfortable, got rid of saddle sores and chaffing Are you looking to buy Brooks B17 Saddle ?If you're considering to buy Brooks B17 Saddle product. CLICK HERE FOR PRODUCT INFOPlease visit our website to see price, special offer shipping options, and other Brooks B17 Saddle informations. We offer nice and best quality of Brooks B17 Saddle for you...CLICK HERE FOR GO TO

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Brooks Saddle B17 Narrow was first featured in the 1910 catalogue. Since then it has been the choice of road racers looking for more freedom of thigh action without sacrificing comfort. The Black leather saddle features tubular steel rivets, and weighs 530 grams I was simply amazed by Brooks' saddles clear dominance within the bicycle touring community, people absolutely love them and almost every forum I visited was inundated with gleaming reviews. There was varying opinions on the model to go for, but it appeared that the majority of touring enthusiasts opted for either the Flyer or the B17 (The Flyer is effectively a B17 with springs) Brooks B17 Saddle Review Valleybikes got the B17 narrow a few months back. At first, the leather seems hard and unforgiving. Coming from the comfortable WTB Pure V, the B17 narrow needed a little getting used to. Everybody says that the Brooks leather conforms to the shape of your behind. Yes, it is true Brooks Leather Saddle Repair. We can repair the METAL PARTS of most leather saddles. Many non-Brooks brand saddles are clones of Brooks and the parts fit! If the leather is torn, you need a new saddle! WE DO NOT REPAIR LEATHER WE DO NOT REPAIR LEATHER You have to send your saddle to Brooks for that

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Find great deals on eBay for brooks b17 saddle and brooks b17 saddle black. Shop with confidence Brooks do recommend that if your handlebars are lower than the saddle then use a B17 narrow and if level or higher then a standard B17. I have moved the standard B17 to another bike where the seat is level with the bars and it's great. Fully recommend this saddle, it is so very comfortable Just ordered a Brooks B17 Imperial yesterday fro my Giant Phantom hard tail eBike. My LBS says their supplier has them in stock but Covid-19 is doing weird things to delivery schedules. I have had my Phantom for 3 weeks. I new that the relationship between my butt and the existing saddle would rely on my butt adjusting, not the plastic/rubber. Hop on and ride off - the Brooks B17 Aged saddle offers high comfort. Besides, there is no need to break it in, as the saddle is already treated with special oils and waxes. Thus, you don't need to treat it with leather grease either. The durable core leather top adapts to your individual anatomy and thus offers best comfort The Cycles Berthoud Aspin at a glance looks like a traditional leather touring saddle in the Brooks mould, but with its introduction of modern materials, rebuildable construction and instant comfort thanks to a pre-softening process, it has a certain refinement - je ne sais quoi, if you like - that its English rival lacks. Although the Aspin is also made from cow leather, it's actually a.

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Brooks B17 Saddle Click to See Product Price Click Here to Check DetailsInexpensive Brooks B17 Saddle , Buy Now and Save More!Brooks B17 Saddle [BEST BUY] Brooks B17 SaddleRelate Post to Brooks B17 SaddleBrooklyn Nets Women's Adidas Originals 3-Stripe Track JacketBrooks B17 Narrow/Standard Imperial ATB/Trekking Bicycle SaddleBrooks B-135 SaddleBrooklyn Nets Youth Beatz T-ShirtBrooks B-17 Narro Brooks B17 Saddle. Honey leather. Purchased from Evan's Cycles a few years ago. Never used, it was fitted to a bike but was honestly never ridden. It has been dropped and has a small scuff on the side. Included is the small spanner required to wear the saddle in and also a small tub of Brooks wax to soften and help mould the leather.</p><p>Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have. Brooks B17 Saddle Click to See Product Prices Click Here to See Product ReviewBargain Brooks B17 Saddle DealsBrooks B17 Saddle [CHEAP] Brooks B17 SaddleSimilar Post to Brooks B17 SaddleBrooks B17 SaddleBrooks B17 Narrow/Standard Imperial ATB/Trekking Bicycle SaddleBrooks B17 Narrow/Standard Imperial ATB/Trekking Bicycle SaddleBrooks B-135 SaddleBrooklyn Nets Women's Adidas Originals 3-Stripe. The Brooks B17 Narrow leather saddle is a slimmer version of the standard B17 and designed for sportive riders whilst still providing the same level of rider comfort and durability. Top Features of the Brooks England B17 Narrow Saddle. Rails: Black steel Weight: 530g. Product Data. Rail Material The B17 is Brooks' flagship model, ideal for long distance sports touring, trekking and ATB use. It has been on the market for over 100 years, being featured in as early as the 1898 catalogue. The model is available for gents and ladies: B17 (gents) and B17 S (ladies). Technical Information: - Length: 275mm - Width: 175mm - Height: 65mm - Weight: 520g Material: - Vegetable tan leather top. Brooks remains, to this day, the chosen saddle of touring cyclists, leather aficionados, and people who appreciate the timeless aesthetic of a leather saddle. construction. The Brooks B17 is a piece of English bridle leather (vegetable tanned steer leather) which is then mounted on and riveted to a steel frame

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