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Günstige Preise & Mega Auswahl für Aquarium Aquariums Schau Dir Angebote von Aquarium-fish Tank auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter As Bacopa caroliniana is a tall stem plant that can grow more than 11 inches tall, you should keep it in the background of your aquarium. If you have a large tank then you can keep it in the middle ground or near the walls of your aquarium. Check the latest price of this plant at Amazon her

MyLifeUNIT Plastic Fish Tank Plants, Artificial Tall Aquarium Plants for Fish Tank Decor, 15.75 Inches (Pack of 2) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 130. $13.99. $13. . 99. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 20. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Plastic Fish Tank Plants, Artificial Tall Aquarium Plants for Fish Tank. $19.73. Free shipping. or Best Offer. Only 1 left Real plants, as mentioned before, may require a bit more effort to thrive, but there are some low maintenance plants that just require fish poop and regular tank lights to flourish. Here are some of the most common low maintenance beginner plants you may want to try: Java Moss. Java Moss is one of the most common plants in the home aquaria As its name suggests, the Amazon Sword plant is a species which is native to the Amazon Basin of South America. They will thrive in water conditions with temperatures of 60.8-82.4°F and a pH of 6.5-7.5 Live plants were the norm back in the days when I set up my first aquarium. We've come a long way since then. The fish keeper of today can opt for very attractive plastic and silk plants that come close to passing for the real thing

The must-have plant when keeping (a breeding pair of) angelfish, is an Amazon Sword. It's very fitting, because angelfish are from the Amazon river too. This plant grows the perfect leaves for the angelfish to lay eggs on. These plants also grow very tall, and are able to reach 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm) under the right conditions Available in packs of around 10 pieces, each plant is between 5 and 8 tall so are particularly ideal for larger tanks. With deep purples, fiery oranges and bright green colours in a pack, theyre simple to keep clean and wont break down like real plants can do. Plus theyre also non-toxic so are safe for all types of marine life From plastic aquarium plants, fronds, coral and grasses to variety packs of plants with silk leaves, we carry a large selection of classic favorites. With plants that look so real you have to touch them to know that they're manmade, plus brightly colored creations that you'd never find in nature, we make it easy to give your fish tank a look that complements your décor Live aquarium plants come in a variety of colors but the most common color is green - if the plants in your tank begin to turn yellow, it could be a sign that there is a problem with the conditions in your tank. As mentioned earlier, plants are photosynthetic organisms that utilize light as an energy source to facilitate biological processes MINERLELE 15.7 inch Tall Artificial Aquarium Plants Plastic for Fish Tank Decoration Ornament Large Plant, Safe for All Fish 7.09 inch Wide (Wine red) 4.5 out of 5 stars 20 £5.99£5.99 £8.99£8.99 £0.01 deliver

We are dedicated to sourcing and providing the highest quality aquarium, pond and reptile products from domestic and worldwide suppliers, at the best possible prices. We stock all the solutions you'll need for freshwater, tropical, salt water marine fish tank aquariums and garden fish ponds You are being redirected Tall Freshwater Plants Some of the best tall leafed plants for your fish tank are Amazon Sword and Java Fern. Java fern and Amazon Sword Plant both grow fast and abundantly and will cover the filter parts of the container. Also, their long leaves provide excellent protection for your fish

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Background plants will grow long, tall leaves, that will fill the back of your fish tank. Great background plants include echinodorus mix, aponogeton bulb and hygrophila genesis XL LARGE Artificial AQUARIUM SILK PLANTS That Look Real Fish Tank DECOR Plastic. £7.99. Free postage. 364 sold. Artificial Fish Tank Plant PREMIUM Aquarium Aquatic Decoration LARGE Ornament UK. £6.95. Free postage. MINERLELE 15.7 inch Tall Artificial Aquarium Plants Plastic for Fish Tank Large. £13.89. FAST & FREE. Only 1 left It's easy to take care of your tank and your fish as long as you approach it as being nothing more than a series of very simple steps that, if you follow them, will just work out. Description: After umpteen trips to various stores for lighting, plants, fish and such, plus equally umpteen deliveries from Amazon for hardware, test kits, etc., this is where I am right now with my new tank Live plants allow smaller, shyer fish to evade larger or aggressive tank mates or overeager potential breeding partners. For shoaling fish, plants give the group the currents and eddies they instinctively seek out in the wild. When breeding many species, live aquarium plants are essential surfaces for the deposit and fertilization of eggs Aquarium plants are vital to the stability of your freshwater tropical aquarium, and All Pond Solutions now offer a wide range of live aquarium plants that are perfect for updating your aquascaping design. Tended to by our team of in-house aquatic specialists, our tropical fish tank plantsare fully rooted, thriving and full of flourish, and could.

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  1. Tetra/ Marineland Realistic Plastic/Silk Aquarium Plants: Various, Single, Bunch. $6.00 to $10.00. Free shipping
  2. I f plants use nitrates as food and convert them to proteins that fish eat, then you might expect them to be good for your goldfish. Plants can be helpful to your aquarium, but should be added gradually. There is a good case for the beginner using artificial plants as real plants can substantially alter pH and oxygen levels
  3. Measuring about six inches tall when fully grown, Anubias barteri is a good choice for tanks big and small. This plant is part of the larger Anubias genus. Barteri happens to be one of the most popular species
  4. Tall stem plants like Rotala Indica will begin to bend over at the surface if not pruned back. While this surface growth is ideal for bubble-nesting gouramis, it also shades the plants below from precious light. Advantageous rooting plants can be pruned mid stem and replanted

This classic aquarium plant is known for its ability to grow huge and take over your fish tank with luscious greenery. watch out for this if you intend to keep this plant in a tank with plecos. Stem Plant Tall Growth Hardy Bacopa caroliniana is a relatively easy to grow stem plant which will reach over 10 inches tall if left untrimmed Eleocharis montevidensis also know as Giant Hair grass is a terrific background plant that does well form Medium light to high light . This plant gets very tall so it is great at hiding those filters and heaters in your aquarium. You can cut the leaves to any size you would like as cutting the leaves does not hurt the plant

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This is a very good plant to put in Goldfish tank because Goldfish will move it around and they may also nibble on it. 3. Aponogeton Crispus. This is also a very cheap plant. It is a fast-growing plant that makes it ideal for the fish which like to nibble on plants Why? The plastic plants are often more colorful than real plants, coming in colors that are not found in in nature. They are also easier to maintain since they cannot die. And, like real plants, they offer the fish a place to hide. However, real plants can offer systems something fake plants cannot: They can help improve the water quality of your tank The tank, which has been created by Aquariums Ltd., is a nice size and design for aquascaping. At 100 x 45 x 45cm/39 x 18 x 18 it provides plenty of room front to back for positioning hardscape and also for planting. The glass on this model is thick and strong, with no stress bars Java fern will grow in most lighting, but prefers a more subdued florescent light, such as the Aqueon Floramax plant growth bulb for T8 lamp. If the light is too strong, you'll notice that the plant will become brown. An ideal range for your fish tank lighting is 1.5 to 2 watts of light per gallon in your tank The Best Aquarium Plants for Beginners. Anubias Nana - This aquarium plant grows well from trimmings, so it is easily propagated in an aquarium. It is very hard to kill this plant and it is perfect for beginners. Amazon Swords - These are hardy and tolerable, but most importantly, they are really easy to maintain

Though it doesn't do as well with burrowing fish that like to eat or uproot plants, bamboo is usually planted deep enough that even this isn't as much of an issue. Bamboo's wide growth parameters also allow for more compatible inhabitants than many other plants. Some common tank mates include: Angelfish; Gouramis; Tetras; Barbs; Guppies; Mollies; Betta Some designs are based on miniature land plants, such as palm trees and flowers. A fake cactus can make for an amusing design when placed in a sandy tank, making a mock desert. Bonsai tree designs are also popular and can be paired with tank decorations of a similar Japanese theme You can attach it to driftwood, rocks, or carpet it along the substrate. This flexibility is why it's one of the best Betta fish plants you can get. 2. Hornwort. Hornwort is definitely one of the best live plants for betta fish, and it's probably our personal favorite aquatic plant in general Where the fish in your tank take oxygen from the water and expel carbon dioxide, real plants do the opposite, taking up the carbon dioxide and exchanging it for oxygen. Most properly filtered tanks do not have a problem with maintaining enough oxygen in the water, but it is helpful to have poisonous carbon dioxide reduced, especially in heavily stocked tanks

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However, your fish and other tank animals could also be the reason why your aquarium plants may be prematurely dying off. Some fish like to nibble on plants every now and then, while others take it as a challenge and try to pull the plants right from the root as a way of playing, leaving them floating on the top When you are choosing your aquatic plants you want to make sure that they are naturally resilient, hardy and low maintenance. The best plants for your fish tank or aquarium would be green plants. Green plants don't need that much sunlight and care. Top 5 aquarium plants. Growing aquatic plants in your aquarium is not that hard A tall tank requires a very strong light to illuminate the bottom of the tank where the plants are growing, whereas a short tank does not. A Finnex Stingray LED light would be considered low light on an aquarium that's 21 inches tall, but that same light on a 12-inch-tall tank could easily grow medium light plants True bamboo (Bambusoideae subfamily) is not an aquatic plant. It will immediately start to rot when introduced to a fish tank. This will foul the water and induce a spike in ammonia levels, which can be lethal to fish. Thus, you can't put true bamboo in your aquarium. There is a plant that strongly resembles the looks and WILL survive in your tank, however Growing aquarium plants can change an ordinary fish tank into a beautiful underwater garden. There are many different types of aquarium plants, but they all have one thing in common; they have adapted to living in a water saturated environment

This realistic Cabomba plant features exotic, fanning leaves that offer superb hiding or nesting places for fish and other aquatic pets, with varying shades of green for a very natural look. We would never tell you how to construct your perfect aquarium environment, but this Cabomba makes a great background plant for tall aquariums or a mid-ground plant for extra large tanks AquaTop Plastic Anacharis-like Aquarium Plant, 20 tall Product Code: RAT01435 AquaTop Plastic Anacharis-like Aquarium Plant, 20 tall with a weighted base However, plants need good nutrients and circulation for healthy growth in low light. Add a comprehensive liquid fertiliser daily — one also providing nitrogen and phosphorous if you have low fish stock — and an additional source of carbon, either from liquid carbon or CO2 gas. 6. Planted tanks need minimal surface agitation. This isn't true Tfwadmx Artificial Aquatic Plants, 5.5 Inch Tall Plastic Leaf Plant, Driftwood for Aquarium, Hollow Betta Hideout Log for Medium and Large Fish Tank Decor Product Description Specification Material:Plastic/Driftwood Color: Green Height: plastic plant-5.5x3In aquarium driftwood- 3.9In Feature Provides a beautiful decoration for your aquarium,also is an excellent hiding place for fish which.

Unlike fake plants, live plants have varying levels of required maintenance and can provide lots of additional benefits. Live plants for betta fish tanks can add oxygen to the water and reduce harmful ammonia and nitrate levels which can stress or even kill your betta A planted tank has a jungle-look that brightens up any room. Besides the vibrant aesthetics, aquatic plants provide natural filtration for aquariums. Plants absorb nutrients from the water and prevent algal blooms while providing hiding spaces for fry and fish. You can either choose submerged or emergent varieties, depending on your aquarium layout. Some of..

Full Tank Shot For my birthday, my incredible, thoughtful best friend of over 20 years got me the most beautiful aquarium upgrade I've ever seen. I was gifted a 32.5 gal Fluval Flex, the cabinet, 3 plants, and he researched all these tank mates for my betta The MILK desk comes with a built-in fish tank option that gives you a place to rest your eyes and provides a touch of daily nature. R2-D2 Aquarium. Modeled after the most well-known astromech droid in the galaxy, this R2-D2 holds a 1 3/4-gallon aquarium tank in his central compartment. Local River Plant Aquariu Put some bogwood in the tank, ideally a piece big enough for it to hide behind as well and it will be much happier. I have ancistrus cats, suitable for smal aquaria. They bred in my 10g and the female there now is the last of the babies. I had a large bogwood arch across th back of the tank, the catfish ate it into one large and one small piece About Real Aquatics We are dedicated to sourcing and providing the highest quality aquarium, pond and reptile products from domestic and worldwide suppliers, at the best possible prices. We endeavor to stock all the solutions you'll need for freshwater, tropical, salt water marine fish tank aquariums and garden fish ponds Aquarium Plants from Aquarium Gardens. Aquatic Plants for Tropical Fish Tanks, Order Online - find a range of freshwater foreground, midground, background and carpeting plants . FREE Delivery over £50

The plants measure 4-12 inches tall, making them suitable for 20-gallon tanks and larger. Designed with ceramic pedestals that help weigh the plants down and prevent them from floating. A low-maintenance alternative to real plants—no fertilizer or pruning here! See all items by Otterly Pet Aquatic plants can provide a myriad of benefits to your tank and fish. Knowing what benefits you're looking for can help you decide which plants you're going to buy. Here are just a few of the benefits freshwater aquarium plants can provide your tank with. Better Oxygenation - Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen that your fish will. Large Fish Tanks and Aquariums. Although large aquariums can be beautiful, these big fish tanks aren't just for show. They also provide a healthier environment for your fish, coral, and other underwater plants.Even if you don't currently have many fish, large aquariums offer you the option to add more when you're ready Enliven your aquarium with fish tank decorations from Petco. Various styles make aquarium décor possibilities endless & provide a safe space for your fish Excellent plant for beginners and experienced aquarists alike This plant will help cover the background of your tank, giving it a natural planted look Fish will love this plant and some species will use them to lay eggs Can provide hiding places for fry and invertebrates This plant will spread through runners an

14 -16 inch Tall Banyan Tree Roots Natural Manzanita Aquarium Fish Tank Decorations TheDragooForest 5 out of 5 stars (106) $ 22.00. Add to BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Java Moss Taxiphyllum Barbieri Easy Live Aquarium Plants Aquarium Moss Fish Tank Plants Aquatic Plants MarcusFishTanks 5 out of 5 stars (5,239) $ 8.99 FREE. Updated: April 14, 2021 There never was a one-all silver bullet for looking after aquatic plants that thrive. LED aquarium lights will likely produce the most plant growth in a planted tank but a comprehensive guide is needed to help with best utilizing them

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  1. Larger fish tanks require more plants and ornaments, so there is an added cost beyond the price of the tank. It can also take longer to clean a large tank. These are the tradeoffs for the extra space. Many fish tanks come with the very basic items needed to get started
  2. imum tank size for keeping discus is 50 gallons. This size could fit maximum four fish in it. For community tank, then the size must be even bigger. One more note regarding to the tank: considering the fish's body shape, it is better to pick the deep and tall tank instead of short and wide one. Discus Tank Mate
  3. Check It Out! 27 Stylish Betta Fish and Plant Vase - Hot Sale Semicircular Wall Hanging Glass Plant Flower Vase. See Also Bamboo Plant for Betta Fish Best Of Betta Lounges Tanks Creation
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  1. A well-maintained, freshwater aquarium that's home to a healthy collection of fish can be enhanced by the inclusion of a display of living plants. Planted tanks do require more maintenance and technical know-how than beginner tanks with silk plants, but the end result is well worth the extra effort
  2. Marineland Bamboo for Aquariums & Terrariums is a low-maintenance alternative to caring for live plants in your tank. The soft plastic bamboo strand is three feet long and adds to the visual appeal of any aquatic environment. It can also help reduce fish stress by giving them a place to hide
  3. I have a Lido 200, it's a really tall tank (71x51x80cm). We have a good amount of stem plants and they work fine, but I'm wondering about if there are any good aquarium plants that could span the height of the tank. Most of our plants only go half way right now (java ferns/larger anubias/etc). I know some people use other plants (not aquarium plants), but I don't really know where I should.

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The plant is fine for smaller tanks, but will need trimming to prevent it from taking over the tank. They need limited amounts of light. If left alone, Amazon Swords can grow to be about 12 inches tall, but can grow to twice that height under the proper conditions Jan 11, 2019 - Hello! This is my first real aquarium, and I'm having trouble achieving a nice look. [Here is my tank.](http://i.imgur.com/zT3up5U.jpg) Tall.. Large Amazon Bleheri Sword 18-24 inches Tall | Live Freshwater Aquatic Plant $ 9.95 AquaLeaf Aquatics Java Fern on Driftwood (2-3 Inches) $ 6.95 Java Fern Bare Root | Microsorum Pteropus - Low Light Freshwater Aquarium Plant $ 3.9 Hornwort is almost the perfect aquatic plant for any Cichlid tank. Simply because it had no roots! It's a floating plant, meaning the Cichlids have nothing to dig up! It also acts almost at a divider for the tank. Cichlids are extremely territorial so using Hornwort almost divides the tank thus giving separation to the fish

The plant can be cultivated in both small and large-sized tanks. The anubias plant will thrive in the typical water parameters of a community freshwater aquarium. The water temperatures and PH can range between 72-78 °F and 6.5 to 7.8, respectively. The plant will also tolerate high and low levels of light Repurpose an old aquarium to grow plants, take help of these 8 DIY Fish Tank Planter and Terrarium Ideas on this list! 1. DIY Terrarium from Old Fish Tank. Got an old fish aquarium to create a stunning DIY terrarium. Check out the tutorial at the Hometalk! 2. DIY Miniature Indoor Garden. Make a miniature indoor garden for your home from an old fish tank For tank set-up, start out with many species of fast-growing plants (you want to find the ones that adapt best to your tank's conditions). Examples: Hygrophila corymbosa , Shinnersia riv. , Rotala rotundifolia , Ludwigia repens , Limnophila sessiliflora , Hornwort , Riccia , etc

As much as the fish tank below is part of the home design, it creates such a spectacular feeling looking at the corals and the seabed plants. The fish tank design below depicts that real picture of what is expected in other parts of the seabed. Apart from the unique plants and the gravel, the look of the skull makes the appearance so real Whether you're an expert aquarist or a newbie looking to enter the hobby, you may have questions about what type of decorations should be used in the average fish tank. On one side of the spectrum, we have fish keepers who prefer the use of artificial plants to decorate their tanks. On the flip-side, many fish keepers prefer the use of live aquarium plants to spruce up their tanks. The. These all have large RGB spectrum spikes with their red, green, blue diodes but with large spectrum gaps in between. This spectrum profile gives very high saturation for red, blues and green tones, which really makes red plants pop in the tank. This is much more apparent in real life than even seen in videos/photos 20Pcs/Lot Artificial Plastic Plants Aquarium Grass Fish Tank Decoration Ornament. C $25.80. Was: C $30.06. Free shipping. or Best Offer Product Title Purple Green 8.3 Landscaping Plant Decoration for Aquarium Fish Tank Average Rating: ( 4.6 ) out of 5 stars 14 ratings , based on 14 reviews Current Price $8.97 $ 8 . 9

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Aquatic plants are used to give the freshwater aquarium a natural appearance, oxygenate the water, absorb ammonia, and provide habitat for fish, especially fry (babies) and for invertebrates.Some aquarium fish and invertebrates also eat live plants. Hobbyists use aquatic plants for aquascaping, of several aesthetic styles.. Most of these plant species are found either partially or fully. Decorations inside the tank, including faux or real plants, rocks, fanciful decorations such as sunken ships or treasure chests, and whatever else strikes your fancy give the tank character, but more importantly, give your fish somewhere to hide when they feel stressed or insecure Aquarium creation and live aquarium plants from PetWave Australia All you need for it, is a simple freshwater tank, with multiple plants and substrate. Their natural habitat is in South America, where they were first found in 1866. You may also know the Guppy, as the Million Fish or the Rainbow Fish

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Java Moss is super popular for fish tanks due to it being fast growing, low-maintenance, and hardy. Appearance: Java moss grows carpet-like, with a fuzzy appearance. Temperature: Java Moss is very tolerant, thriving in between 72°F and 90°F, however, the optimal temperature for growth is around 73°F White Sanderiana is not a true aquatic plant. It is more of a terrarium plant or land plant. A hobbyist make mistakenly believe that Sanderiana will look as nice planted in their tanks as it does in the store display tanks. And it does for a while. The plant may even show some new growth, sprouting leaves from the center by Sergey. Dwarf hairgrass (lat. Eleocharis parvula) is one of the best aquarium plants, if you need to create a 'real lawn' in a tank. This is a representative of coastal-aquatic vegetation, which natural habitat spreads all over the world and this fact consequently shows that the plant is easy to keep

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Tall Rimless Aquarium. Made to inspire creativity or invoke minimalist aquatic plant keeping. These aquarium tanks feature taller glass panels and are the perfect tanks for lengthier aquarium plants or even aquatic lily display. This form factor also allows for elevated aquascaping. MODEL VARIANTS: 16T VOLUME RANGE: 1.5 Gallon High-quality LED lights are shown to greatly boost aquatic plant growth much more than traditional lighting options. Here are my top seven recommended LED aquarium lighting choices for healthy plants. 1. Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED KLC Aquarium LED Light. 20, 24, 30, 36, and 48 widths available At Modern Aquarium, we offer more than just midground and background plants that you plant directly in your substrate. For unique, decorative accents and a beautiful way to enhance your tank, we also provide aquarium plants on driftwood and rocks. The perfect option for instant gratification and a unique aquascaping look, there's no waiting, unwrapping or repotting necessary with these plants

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You can anchor the bamboo to the bottom by burying it in the gravel, or remove the base if you prefer to let it float freely along the top. Using realistic plants in your aquascape creates a more natural setting for your aquarium or terrarium. Key Benefits. Low-maintenance alternative to caring for live plants in your tank Best Aquatic Plants Suitable for a Betta Fish Tank We have tried to make our list a diverse as possible by including both natural and artificial plants. Moreover, for aesthetic purposes, we have ensured that we include distinct looking aquatic plants so that your aquarium doesn't look mundane and reflect the natural habitat as closely as possible Juwel tropical fish tanks offers a well designed solution to the tank with a stand as part of the design. It is possible to buy these tanks at varying heights and in a range of colour options. The Juwel aquarium package is great value as it includes a filter system, pump, heater and waterproof lighting in addition to the cabinet Here is a picture of our first tank, going to put some real plant in this weekend, think a bigger tank will soon be on the horizon . Share. plants. answer #2. Steve2512. 2 years ago. Sorry to admin if this had ended up in wrong section. Can I put Water conditioner while my fish are in tank Vallisneria plants, commonly referred to as Val's, are grass-like plants that can grow very tall in the aquarium. Most can grow 2-3ft or longer but usually limited by the height of the tank. Blades longer than the height of the tank will float on the surface but will be more delicate and break off more easily

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An Aquarium Banana Plant can make a visually interesting foreground plant due to its thick green tubers that give it its banana-like look. As the plant grows, it may produce a long leaf stem that will shoot toward the surface of the tank. Also, the plant may even grow small white flowers just above the surface of the water Plants also add aesthetic beauty to your shrimp tank, especially if the shrimp tank is aquascaped. However, if you plan to breed shrimp on a larger scale, having lots of plants in the tank will make it difficult to see and cull (remove the less colorful ones) your shrimp colony

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The type and quantity of plant are important in setting up a tank and should always be considered for the type of fish you choose. You should choose and plant them in aquarium in such a way that your fishes can have enough swimming area and substrate area with low and medium height plants lined with tall plants at the back Best Fish Tanks: Buying Guide. Before you dive right in and buy a tank, it's worth considering a few things first. Home aquariums can be expensive so you want to be sure that you're buying the best one for you, your home and, most importantly, your fish We specialise in 50+ RARE live aquarium plants. Our online aquarium shop offers Bucephalandra, Anubias, moss & ferns. We post by Australia Post Express to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide. Aquarzon also offers live fish, crystal & cherry shrimps

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Fish tank ornament wood, tree stumps and logs are -for tropical and coldwater fish tanks as well as vivariums, insulariums and more! An aquarium tree decoration will help you to craft a brilliant planted aquascpaed tank and also provide shelter for fish when they become stressed Repurpose an old aquarium to grow plants, take help of these 8 DIY Fish Tank Planter and Terrarium Ideas on this list! 1. DIY Terrarium from Old Fish Tank. Got an old fish aquarium to create a stunning DIY terrarium. Check out the tutorial at the Hometalk! 2. DIY Miniature Indoor Garden Decorating your aquarium with fish tank ornaments to provide sufficient cover - or hiding places - to make your fish comfortable and to promote healthy fish. If you have other questions, a convenient form will allow you to send questions to an experienced aquarist The 14-inch tall, hand painted castle will dominate the skyline of your aquarium, providing visual interest for both yourself and your fishes. The holes, cracks and crevices will give your fish plenty of obstacles to engage with to prevent boredom and the stunning details will serve as a legit piece of artwork for you and your visitors to enjoy

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