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Seeds - Spiele Kostenlos Online in deinem Browser auf dem P When carefully removed from the outside barbs of the burr, burdock seeds are a common medicinal seed that supports kidney, liver, and even eye health. (Find organic burdock seeds here.) Borage (Borago officinalis) The seed of borage can be pressed to produce oil Seed/whole: Powder-Rs 60/kg: Anti-inflamatory, Digestive, hairtonic. Swet chitrak Perennial ( h ) Plumbago Zeylanica Fam: Plumbaginaceae: Root, Rootbar-Appetiser, Antibacterial, Aticacer. Rakta Chitrak ( H ) Plumbago Indica Fam : plumbaginaceae: Root, Root bar-Indyspeipsia, colic, imflammation, cough. Kochila ( T )15 yrs: Strychinos nuxvomica Fam: loganiaceae: Seed Despite their tiny size, sesame seeds contain up to 20% protein and lots of fiber. They are rich in the amino acids tryptophan and methionine. Sesame oil is a good choice for salad dressings as it is rich in linoleic and oleic acids, which have a cholesterol-lowering effect

Medicinal plants are valuable resources for our health care system since ancient period. These natural herbs are an important source of drugs for alternative medicine systems. These systems include Ayurveda, homeopathy, Unani and even allopathy. They are thought to constitute 80% of total drugs used by humans The seeds of this plant are thought to have a diuretic effect, while the leaves possess anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative properties. The chemical components of the root have anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immune strengthening and sedative properties The medicinal properties of the seeds make it a great substance for relieving pain during chemotherapy. With the wide array of benefits cannabis seeds can have on the body, it's clear to see that their use in medicine should be considered and used. For more cannabis business coverage, visit the MJ News Network Strictly Medicinal Seeds | Organic growers of medicinal herb seeds, medicinal herb plants, organic vegetable seeds and organic garden seeds

Its seeds, leaves, In spite of their recent popularity in the United States as a dietary supplement, Bark for medicinal use is dried and stored for a year before use, as fresh bark is violently purgative; even dried bark can be dangerous if taken in excess The light and nutty pepita houses iron, a mineral that helps maintain high energy levels. Roast 1 cup seeds with 1/2 tsp each paprika, chili powder and sea salt for an easy to-go snack. 158.. The leaves, flowers, and roots of the plant are long used for herbal medicines. Other than herbal uses, they have several culinary uses as well. Soothes urinary infections; Reduces respiratory problems; Treats inflammation; Calms burns; The plant is safe to use, but it may interact with any other drug/medicine

Medicinal plants are essentials to your backyard, they ensure you have a medicine kit no matter what life may throw at you. If you want to learn more about medicinal plants and their uses in your life, I really recommend the Herbal Academy courses As one of the oldest tree species, gingko is also one of the oldest homeopathic plants and a key herb in Chinese medicine. The leaves are used to create capsules, tablets, and extracts, and when.. Use: Another medicinal plant with brain-boosting powers, it also helps with memory and otherwise improves brain function. Cautions: It can be a fussy tree to grow in some areas. 24. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium

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Peganum Harmala is a medicinal plants and has antioxidant and antimutagenic properties. The seeds are good for skin care, toothache and will reduce stomachache Neem oil, extracted from the seeds, has insecticidal and medicinal properties. Neem seed cake is rich in organic contents and it enhances soil fertility. It is also an effective nematicide. Neem has anti-bacterial properties and it is used again skin infections. Neem leaf capsules are used as an insect repellent Its dark-brown or black seeds are not as rich in mucilage as those of the preceding species, but are employed as demulcents and emol- lients in the same manner as linseed or flaxseed Linum usitatissimum L., Linaceae, (Grieve, 1967), whose gum, extracted from the pulverized seeds, is omitted here because it is now believed to be unsuitable for medicinal use, 258 due to the difficulty of freeing. List of 41 Spices and Their Uses. 1. The medical uses of this spice include prevention form toothache, Regular use of the mustard seed stimulates appetite in senior people without hurting their health. 28. Mace. Mace is an outer layer of the nutmeg seed. That is why its flavor is similar to nutmeg 30 Medicinal Herbs and Common Uses. Look at any list of medicinal herbs and you're likely to see some familiar plants. Below are a few examples of common herbs and conditions they might be used to.

Coriander or dhania is an important ingredient of an Indian kitchen. Its leaves, seeds and powder of the seeds, everything is beneficial for your health. It adds a distinct flavor to your food and.. Found in meadows, pastures and roadsides across America, yarrow has long been used in herbal medicine not just for wound care but to increase appetite, ease indigestion and fight colds and flu. The.. The most common uses for Aloe would have to be for treating burns, wounds and skin conditions. This along with the ease of growing an Aloe plant make it an excellent choice to have in your herbal first aid kit.The real magic of the Aloe Vera plant comes from the gel inside the leaves, to extract this all you need to do is take a knife and take off the thick skin on the outside of the leaf

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Fenugreek or Methi is unique amongst the other needful medicinal plants and their uses. The plant's leaves and seeds are both consumed and have beneficial properties. Seeds of fenugreek when soaked make an excellent mask for hair fall and acne marks. It also used for curing joint paints Find medicinal plant sea buckthorn benefits and uses. Hippophae rhamnoides is rich in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and phytosterols. Common Names Medicinal Plants Side Effects Ayurveda Poppy Fields Herbalism Medicine Photos Papaver somniferum medicinal uses, photos and side effect (opium poppy Since the early 90s, medical marijuana has been growing in popularity across much of the western world. Semi-Legalization having opened cannabis up as an option for thousands with chronic and life-affecting conditions. However, it's only recently that patients have been given the green light to pick up quality medical seeds and grow their own

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MEDICINAL HERB SEEDS | Strictly Medicinal Seeds Medicinal plants naturally synthesize and accumulate some secondary metabolites, like alkaloids, sterols, terpenes, flavonoids, saponins, glycosides, cyanogeniCS, tannins, resins. lactones, quinines, volatile Oils etc. The medicinal plants have been used for treatment Of illnesses and diseases, since the dawn of time

Culinary Herbs Medicinal Herbs Aromatic Herbs Chinese Herbs Growing Herbs A diet high in fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds and legumes (peas and beans Dairy products have a great excess calcium to magnesium ratio, making it impossible to absorb all of their calcium content. Calcium absorption can. Those same edible seeds were used by native Americans as an aphrodisiac, a diuretic, an appetite stimulant, a styptic, an emetic, and as a cure for fevers. (Source) A tea made from the bark was used to treat irritation and itchy conditions, and juice from the leaves is used to treat mosquito bites Basil seeds have a long history of use in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, but their health effects have only been tested in a few studies. Here are 12 fascinating benefits and uses of basil seeds...

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While the plant is commonly employed as an herb tea, an antiseptic poul- tice and a mosquito repellent, the seeds are valued for their abundant muci- lage which is released on soaking in water. The strained infusion is taken as a cooling drink, sharing the name chia with other similar plant beverages (Standley and Williams, 1973) Balm of Gilead Answered by: Conrad Richter Question from: David Thompson Posted on: April 29, 1999 As you can see from the topic, I am writing in reference to Balm of Gilead, or Gilead's Balm. I had several questions, and my reference material was pretty useless in answering them, so I thought I'd turn to you folks, as you seem extremely knowledgeable They can be cooked or eaten raw, however, cooking will destroy the naturally high amounts of vitamin C. They are also high in vitamin A, calcium, and potassium. The seeds can be cooked or ground into a meal for an added source of protein. Like spinach, the chenopods contain oxalic acid which tends to bind calcium A list of Medicinal Plants and Herbs and their uses. The site owner Darcy is an aspiring herbalist who prides himself on researching herbs that hold healing properties

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  1. ation of intestinal worms, particularly the Trichina and Ascaris by ingesting its matured dried seeds
  2. 1.4 Other Medicinal Uses Date fruits to provide relief from:. Throat and chest infections by mixing equal amounts of dates, fig, hibiscus and... Gum from the date trunk used to:. The date tree roots used to:. Date Seeds are grounded into a paste to treat:. Powdered Date Seed. These are quite an.
  3. Medicinal Use: Soothes digestion, especially flatulence, constipation, and indigestion. Promotes milk production in lactating woman and animals. The herbalist Nicholas Culpeper relates a common use of it, its seed or leaves boiled in barley water and then drunk by nursing mothers to increase their milk and its quality for the infant
  4. Guyabano has inedible black seeds. animals with induced diabetes mellitus that consumed guyabano extract has shoed remarkable increase of antioxidants in their blood and that there is less liver damage. Traditional medicinal Use of Guyabano. Nutritional Value of Guyabano Guyabano fruit is high in carbohydrates,.
  5. Uses of Tulsi seeds The solution of tulsi plant seeds with milk or water is a. ♠ Good anti-oxidant, ♠ Mucilaginous, ♠ Demulcent. ♣ It also possesses anti-ulcer, antiemetic, anti-diarrheal properties. Uses of Tulsi root: Dried tulsi root powder mixed with milk or ghee etc. is good. a) For malaria fever. b) To relieve insect pain and.
  6. 7 Medicinal Weeds & How to Use Them Ground Ivy/Creeping Charlie. Ground Ivy is edible but not exactly tasty. It has been used medicinally treat a variety of... Plantain. There are two common types of plantain, Plantago major (left) and Plantago lanceolata (right), and both share... Chickweed. This.
  7. Nigella seeds are found in the hadith and heralded as a cure for everything except death. The seeds are used extensively to cure simple things such as a rash or cold or to use as an anti-inflamatory for joint pain. The seeds are often found in breads or cheeses in the Middle East, but it also can be made into a tea and drank as an elixir

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  1. Medicinal plants have been used for centuries, and numerous cultures still rely on indigenous medicinal plants for their primary health care needs. Poisonous medicinal plants are used for various ailments such as Antidiabetic, Anticancer, Antibacterial, Antifungal, and Cytogenetic effect
  2. Seed: The seeds of many plants are used for their medicinal properties. Seeds may be contained within a fruit or are sometimes used on their own. Juniper berries look like fruits but they are actually seeds surrounded by beautiful woody cones. Tuber: A tuber is defined as a swollen, fleshy structure below ground
  3. ABSTRACT: Medicinal plants are those plants that are used (parts, extract etc) in treating and preventing specific ailments and diseases that affect human beings. Hence the important role of medicinal plants in health care delivery (services) cannot be over emphasized. This research is on the identification and traditional uses of some medicinal

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  1. What medicinal uses might myrcene have? Myrcene has been demonstrated to produce analgesic effects in laboratory testing on rats. Used with limonene, along with the terpenoid citral (found in many citrus fruits, lemon myrtle, lemongrass, and lemon verbena) it has also been found to exert sedative and motor relaxant effects in mice. 3
  2. Medicinal Uses of Pimpinella Anisum The properties of Pimpinella Anisum make it a natural choice to alleviate flatulence. When mixed with other oils, Aniseed oil provides a good antiseptic. It is of great help for providing relief when suffering from a dry cough
  3. d. Use in sachets & amulets to bring luck to business negotiations. Orchid.
  4. Medicinal Uses: Rosemary is traditionally used for digestive upset and to ease headaches and migraines. It's also used to treat menstrual disorders and, externally, is used to speed healing in wounds and to treat eczema. Germany's Commission E has approved rosemary for use in blood pressure problems, digestive upset and rheumatism
  5. In folk medicine and ayurveda, Kalonji seeds are used for improving menstrual flow and alleviating menstrual pain. The uterus is one of the primary organs where Kalonji works. The possible mechanism of its anti-dysmenorrhea action is an improvement in menstrual flow, which eases the symptoms
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Medical uses of THC: Neuroprotective: protects against neurological problems and brain degeneration linked to aging (Alzheimer). THC also THC and cannabinoid receptors. stimulates neurogenesis, ie the creation of new neurons. Anxiolytic and anti-depressant: reduces anxiety symptoms, with a euphoric effect and relaxing. Analgesic: reduces pai seeds seem to have more potent medicinal values than the flesh. or cramp.Papaya seeds have antibacterial properties and are effective against E.coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus infections. Papaya seeds may protect the kidneys from toxin-induced kidney failure. Papaya seeds can eliminate intestinal parasites

Medicinally, gum arabic is used extensively in pharmaceutical preparations and is a food additive approved as toxicologically safe by the Codex Alimentarius. It has been used as demulcent, skin protective agent, and pharmaceutical aids such as emulsifier and stabilizer of suspensions and additives for solid formulations Chemical synthesis of metallic nanoparticles via the use of chemicals like hydrazine and sodium borohydride used as reducing and stabilising agents pose threats and dangers to living organisms and. A medicine cat's main job is to heal their fellow Clanmates of their wounds and sicknesses. They have many ways of doing so, mostly through herbs and berries kept in the medicine cat's herb store inside their den. It has been noted by Erin Hunter that these remedies should never be used on pet cats, and that sick pets should be seen to by a vet instead.1 1 Medicines and Herbs 2 Key 2.1 Alder.

Mustard seeds nutrition facts. Mustard seeds have been highly prized culinary oil-seeds being in use since earlier times. The seeds are fruit pods obtained from the mustard plant, in the Brassica family. Some of the close members of mustards in this family include cabbage, broccoli, brussels-sprouts, etc.. Scientific name: Brassica juncea.. Medicinal Uses of Red Poppy The red poppy flowers have for a long time been used for its weak anesthetic, analgesic, relaxing and mild sedative properties. The constituents present in the petals are also responsible for the herbs softening and mildly expectorant action and explains its uses in herbal medicine to treat throat irritations, a cough , hoarseness, bronchitis, asthma, and tonsillitis Wherever they have been introduced, nasturtiums have quickly become a firm favorite because of their medicinal and culinary uses. I always make sure that I have a bed of these sunny little flowers and always look forward to spring and summer when they burst with color

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  1. erals, and herbs that are poisonous to heal and treat their patients. They dilute the remedy, so it no longer harms the patient, but heals. For example, Croton tiglium contains phorbol, a carcinogenic or cancer-causing agent
  2. Uses of Fruits An Informative website that tells you everything about fruits. The fruitsinfo site is dedicated for fruits and vegetables. Explore all fruits right here at same place. Fruits are the key to any healthy person, they supply us with their nutrition and juice. Welcome them here and know their importance
  3. Although eating a seed every morning may not give you superpowers (I tried), it does have similar benefits to eating the leaves. The Roots. The roots of the moringa tree have been used for their therapeutic properties dating as far back as the early Roman, Greek and Egyptian times
  4. . Active Ingredients and Substances: The seeds contain 2.5% essential oil (composed mainly of cu
  5. Herbs and Spices Last revised February 11, 2010 Herb production may be for culinary purposes (food flavoring), for scents and fragrances (potpourris), for medicinal uses or others (dyes, dried floral arrangements etc). Herb producers often grow for all these markets, and some herbs may be used for all these purposes. Some of the most popular culinary herbs grown commerciall

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Nirvana Seeds Medical Strains Thoughts on the medicinal use of marijuana are varied, yet over a million users dealing with cancer and other plagues maintain cannabis provides help from painful symptoms such as defiant feelings of sickness, and vomiting. No matter what your illness, there may be a marijuana strain developed by Nirvana Seeds yo Benefits of neem: Neem is a popular medicinal herb thats been part of traditional remedies that date back almost 5000 years. Weve listed uses of neem leaves, flowers and more Buy Your Green Beauty Products and Skincare DIY Ingredients at https://pureblendnaturals.com List of Top 100 Most Powerful Medicinal Herbs, Spices & Plants.. It is the use of plants for medicinal purposes, and the study of such uses. The word herb has been derived from the Latin word, herba and an old French word herbe. Now a days, herb refers to any part of the plant like fruit, seed, stem, bark, flower, leaf, stigma or a root, as well as a non-woody plant

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Medicinal Uses Of Different Teas. via Sayan Health Now that you are more informed about how Tea is made, let's check out the different benefits that you can expect when you mix up your cuppa. This infographic shows the most popular varieties of Tea and what they can be used for health-wise Spice and herb, parts of various plants cultivated for their aromatic, pungent, or otherwise desirable substances. Spices and herbs consist of rhizomes, bulbs, barks, flower buds, stigmas, fruits, seeds, and leaves. They are commonly divided into the categories of spices, spice seeds, and herbs • Medicinal plants are plants that have a recognized medical use. • Their use ranges the production of mainstream pharmaceutical products to herbal medicine preparations. • Herbal medicine is one of the oldest forms of medical treatment in human history and could be considered one of the forerunners of the modern pharmaceutical trade. 4. 1

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Sensi Seeds' recommended medicinal strains. Although it is possible to use all kinds of cannabis for medicinal purposes, some are more appropriate for specific conditions than others. This section collects varieties which are particularly suitable for use as medicinal cannabis strains Walnuts and flax seeds boost the healthy fat intake because they are a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid, a type of omega-3 fatty acid that can help protect against heart disease. Eating nuts and seeds will help people nourish their red blood cells, maintain brain function, and fight excess inflammation Hemp seeds are commonly well-known for their higher amount of essential fatty acids compared to other nuts and seeds, offering a more balanced 4:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3. The seeds are good sources of vitamin E and also contain substantial amounts of magnesium, calcium, iron, sulfur, and zinc

Medicinal Uses and Methods of Consumption Chewing: Chewing sabja or tukmaria seeds may reduce mouth ulcers and other infections of the mouth. The seeds also help... Cooking: Basil oil has antibacterial properties. Mixing a few drops of oil in salad dressing reduces bacteria and makes... Drinking:. Traditional medicine has called on a number of strange and mysterious plants over the years to cure everything from athlete's foot to cancer. And though modern technology has taken medicine to new scientific horizons, herbal and medicinal plants still form an important part of the world's. Most Hawaiian medicinal plants are foods that have additional curative properties. Healers view food as medicine, along with fresh, clean air and water. In all cases, healers offer a prayer to ask permission and give thanks for the medicines before harvesting and preparing them, and ask permission to facilitate medicinal healing on behalf of the Creator

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Polyphenols: Polyphenolic compounds include flavonoids, tannins, curcumin, resveratrol and gallacatechins and are all considered to be anticancer compounds 14. Resveratrol can be found in foods including peanuts and grapes and red wine. Gallacatechins are present in green tea Niger seeds oil is quite beneficial for treating rheumatism and can give fast relief from it without causing any other side effects to its consumer's health. Niger seeds have exceptional medicinal properties that have an ability to heal complexion signs of rheumatism naturally. 6. Sleep Ai 10 - Boosts the immune system. Pumpkin seeds have a high vitamin E content, which acts as an important antioxidant for the immune system. Vitamin E is effective in strengthening the immune system. It helps flush damaging free radicals from the body in order to protect the immune system from diseases 4 Top Medicinal Uses Of Jamun Fruits | Java Plum: 1. For Treating Ulcers & Reducing Blood Sugar Levels: Take 5 to 6 fruits, remove the flesh and boil the seeds in 1/2 cup... 2. For Treating Diarrhea: Take 5 to 6 fruits, remove the inner seeds and grind the flesh with 1/4 cup water and drink... 3..

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  1. , fennel, poppy, and sesame. Herbs are the fresh or dried aromatic leaves of such plants as marjoram,
  2. Gumweed (Grindelia fastigiata) Gumweed is a member of the sunflower family (Asteraceae). The plants contain grindelia, a medicinal spasmodic compound used to stimulate mucous membranes in the treatment of asthma or chronic bronchitis. The floral heads may be eaten whole, popped in the mouth like a menthol lozenge
  3. We highly recommend Strictly Medicinal Seeds, Fedco Seeds, and Seed Savers for their vast selections and sustainable practices. Herbs are usually ready to plant once the threat of frost has passed. Once you are ready to plant your seeds, prepare your soil beds with a light raking, making sure to level the soil and remove any rocks or pebbles larger than a gum ball
  4. Paw Paw or Papaya seeds carry some of the most incredible health benefits that can be contained in any fruit and along with the fleshy fruit the leaves are also medicinal as any other leaf can be. Also, when it comes to taking good care of our skin, pawpaw skin can be very useful. Such [

Uses of Apricot Seeds. Apricot seeds have various medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic uses but any use of these seeds should be done cautiously. Medicinal uses were explained above, and the culinary uses typically revolve around extracting the oil from these seeds. The oil can be used to fry certain foods, or added to desserts for flavor Love, Health, Healing. Used in love sachets and spells. Add the powdered seeds to warm wine to make a lust potion. Protects gardeners and all in their households. Gather at harvest and hang in the home for protection. The seeds promote peace between people who are unable to get along. Use it in drinks or crushed in incense Fenugreek seeds are rich in vitamin E and are added as preservatives in pickles. Dried leaves of the fenugreek are used for flavoring meat, fish and vegetable dishes

Similar to (but a different plant from) star anise, the anise plant also has medicinal uses. As for their culinary uses, anise seeds are flavoring meals all over the world, including biscotti cookies, Italian sausage and marinara recipes, Norwegian breads, Asian cuisines, delicious liqueurs and more). Fennel vs. Anis Plantain herbal tea: For colds and flu use 1 tbs. dry or fresh whole Plantain (seed, root, and leaves) to 1 cup boiling water, steep 10 min. strain, sweeten. Drink through the day. Plantain Herbal Salve: In large non-metallic pan place 1lb. of entire Plantain plant chopped, and 1 cup lard, cover, cook down on low heat till all is mushy and green

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Medicinal herbs have been used by humans for centuries to soothe and improve discomfort and various health problems. Today, they're the best option for those who prefer a natural treatment for their ailments.. Although there's an extensive list of herbs with healing properties, most are well known and we often use them on a daily basis to cook or boost our health Medicinal Use Of Kachnar(Bauhinia Variegata) Or Bauhinia Kachanar Tree is one of the most important herb in Ayurvedic medicine system. Learn what are it's health benefits and how you can use this to treat different diseases. Know about it's botanical description, medicinal properties and side-effects The reasons behind health benefits of coriander seeds and coriander leaves are because this herb contain quite high of vitamin C and vitamin A. Per 100 grams of coriander could fulfill your daily intake of Vitamin C up to 45% and Vitamin A more than 100%. Furthermore, corianders also contain powerful anti-inflammation properties that could act as anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritic

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Seed propagation of many medicinal plants is however, hampered by various factors such as seed parasitism, low seed viability, low germination rate, etc. The availability of corms and bulbs as propagules in some species is increasingly becoming limited due to their over-harvesting, which is linked to a continuous demand for these plant parts in traditional medicine Plants believed to have medicinal qualities were used to treat many human illnesses, oftentimes in conjunction with the performance of healing ceremonies or prayer. Plants, or preparations there from, were chewed, applied topically, ingested, used for bathing, or they might have been used exclusively in ceremonial practices Providing much of the nutritional values that humans need, seed plants are the foundation of human diets across the world. Wood, paper, textiles, and dyes are just a few examples of plant uses in everyday human life. Traditionally, humans have also used plants as ornamental species through their use as decorations and as inspiration in the arts Peptides are small chains of amino acids. People use products with peptides for their potential benefits, including to slow aging or build muscle. Learn about peptides, what they do, and safety here

But there are some people who should avoid it in medicinal amounts. Pregnant women should not use rosemary in large amounts (cooking is fine) and should avoid the essential oils. Breastfeeding women should also avoid large amounts of rosemary as there's not enough known about how it affects this population Over 4,000 medicinal herbs grow naturally or under cultivation in Canada, and many more could be grown in a greenhouse. In some cases, such as with traditional Chinese medicines, their use has been documented for over 2,000 years Medicinal plants and their uses. #HerbalLife. DO IT YOURSELF. 1. ENGLISH: TYPHOID FEVER (1) Take Alabukun with lime water, squeeze ugu vegetable into a glass cup with two local eggs, half tin milk and two spoons of natural honey mix together and drink it. Three times a day after meal The Druids used this wildflower in their rites of purification. The Romans used it as a ceremonial herb, and fashioned it into torches, often placed on their altars. Roman ambassadors once carried Vervain as a peace symbol on their visits to other countries. But yes, with all this ceremony, it had ancient medicinal uses, too conservation is their 'use' to achieve conservation of natural habitats more generally. This stems from the special meanings that medicinal plants have to people, related to the major contributions that they make to many people's lives in terms of health support, financial income, cultural identity and livelihood security

Henna Medicinal plant uses and pictures (lawsonia inermis)Males - not as useless as we thinkHealth Benefits And Medicinal Uses Of Calamansi LeavesPortulaca Oleracea9 Surprising Benefits of Pigeon Peas | Organic FactsALLAMANDA CATHARTICA L - GOLDEN TRUMPET VINETulsi - The Indian holy power plant - Queen of herbsBlack Cumin (Nigella Sativa) - Nutrition, Benefits, Side

Marijuana (cannabis) is a green, brown or gray mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Marijuana is used as a psychoactive (i.e. mind altering) recreational drug, for certain medical ailments and for religious and spiritual purposes scientific investigations in the line of the medicinal use of the plant. 3.4 Mangosteen ( Garcinia mangostana) Garcinia mangostana (Fig 5) belongs to the family Clusiaceae. It is an evergreen tree whose seeds resemble almonds in shape and size [30]. Medicinal Uses of G. mangostana: The ripe fruit is eaten to prevent cancers List Of Common Spices And Their Uses Cinnamon. Cinnamon is commonly sold in powder form. You could also purchase cinnamon sticks, which are actually rolled-up pieces of bark obtained from trees belonging to the genus Cinnamomum. Cinnamon is a pretty popular spice all over the world, with various cultures utilizing it in some form Perhaps the chief culinary use of Dill seeds is in pickling cucumbers: they are employed in this way chiefly in Germany where pickled cucumbers are largely eaten. ---Medicinal Action and Uses--- Like the other umbelliferous fruits and volatile oils, both Dill fruit and oil of Dill possess stimulant, aromatic, carminative and stomachic properties, making them of considerable medicinal value It's one thing to enjoy cannabis culture in all its forms, from growing to selling to consuming. It's quite another to rely on cannabis for medical purposes. While it may sound shocking to you, a cannabis fan who may have purchased seeds from Growers Choice before, some individuals solely turn to cannabis for its medicinal benefits The written record of herbs dates back over 5,000 years to the Sumerians, who described well-established medicinal uses for such plants as laurel, caraway, and thyme. Ancient Egyptian medicine of 1000 B.C. are known to have used garlic, opium, castor oil, coriander, mint, indigo, and other herbs for medicine

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