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That would be this man, Sven Marquardt, 52, who has run security at the club since it first opened in 2004. Berghain is now associated with that sort of aesthetic—black, gothic,. Legendary Berghain bouncer Sven scored an invite to Bottega's latest show. Fashion News. Skepta, slowthai, Burna Boy, Honey Dijon, and Virgil Abloh also avoided a 'nicht heute nacht' at the house's Berghain-set presentation. 10 April 2021. Text Emma Elizabeth Davidson Sven Marquardt says it's about the right mix, even if that means 'letting in the odd lawyer with his Gucci-Prada wife' • Ten years of Berghain - share your memorie Under hösten 2016 lanserades sällskapsspelet Bergnein i Sverige. Både i spelet och i marknadsföringen användes motiv av det gamla kraftverket i Berlin där den mytospunna nattklubben Berghain huserar. Även den välkände dörrvakten på klubben, Sven Marquardt, har från start varit en del av spelet. Företrädare för den tyska technoklubben har tidig.. Berghain's Sven Marquardt Shares the Secret to His Photos (NSFW) ( Highsnobiety Q&A ) 2016-12-16 12:33 in Music Words By Jake Indiana I am not ashamed to admit that I was nervous at the thought of.

Berghain Bouncer Sven Marquardt on Who He Lets Into the

  1. Svenskt företag förlorar mot Berghain-Sven. TT. Ett sällsynt foto inifrån den tyska nattklubben Berghain. Arkivbild. Sven Marquardt, har från start varit en del av spelet
  2. Oh, the things we will do to be likedin this case liked by Sven, the Charon to Berghain's entryway.Achieving the Berghain look often means looking at least slightly absurd. It is common to see people wearing outlandish duds or opting for a getup comprised of items that aren't technically meant for wearing (the pet dog's leather collar, anyone?)
  3. Berghain är en technoklubb i Berlin, Tyskland.. Den är namngiven efter sitt läge, på gränsen mellan stadsdelarna Kreuzberg och Friedrichshain och är inrymd i ett gammalt nedlagt kraftverk i Östberlin, nära Ostbahnhof.Huvudsakligen spelas elektronisk musik, främst framförd av tyska grupper men även många stora internationella bokningar finns på spellistan varje månad
  4. Sugen på Berghain? Såhär kommer du in 8 augusti, 2016, kl. 14:57 av Johanna Paues, Berlin. Jag har tillbringat två nätter i mitt liv på Berghain. Var livrädd båda gångerna. Kanske inte så mycket när jag väl var inne - där var det mest mörkt och spännande. Men i kön! Det.

Legendary Berghain bouncer Sven scored an invite to

  1. Sven Marquardt, the clubland sentry who watches over the door of Berlin's legendary nightclub, Berghain, was given a taste of his own medicine at a nightclub in Sydney earlier this month.. In addition to being the world's most famous bouncer, the East Berlin native is also an accomplished photographer who has exhibited his work in numerous locations around the world
  2. Raised in the former Eastern sector, Sven picked up the camera entirely by accident. After school I didn't really know what to do, I did an apprenticeship a..
  3. Katedralen i lyon med sven marquardt berghain mif hd basilikaen i bakgrunnen. Til tross for disse store tallene, blir ikke forskerne enige om hvorfor korsryggsmerter egentlig oppstår. Bruk en ren klut med varmt vann og mild håndsåpe til å rengjøre skinnet forsiktig
  4. Svenskt företag förlorar mot Berghain-Sven. TT Uppdaterad för 2 år sedan 16:48 - 12 nov, 2018 Under hösten 2016.
  5. De svenska speltillverkarna ska betala 150 000 kronor i skadestånd till Berghains dörrvakt Sven Marquardt och dessutom svara för rättegångskostnader på 319 348 kronor. Ovanpå det gissar vi att det aldrig blir något besök på riktiga Berghain
  6. Sven Marquardt (Berghain Bouncer) was denied entry in a club in Australia this weekend. Justice has been served I guess. Probably did him a favour. Sydney nightlife is a joke. Solution: Deny entry to everyone. went to berghain and tresor back to back weekends and I got to say that I appreciate this guy's job more now

Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt is the subject of a new documentary along with another of the club's 'deciders', Smiley Baldwin, and Frank Künster, who worked a similar role at the sorely-missed Delicious Donuts during the 1990s, and more latterly King Size Photography Sven Marquardt Berghain's Sven Marquardt talks to us about his photography . Photography Q+A. While he is best-known as the man who decides your fate at Berlin's infamous club, Marquardt's true passion is black and white analogue photography. 30 September 2016 Getting into Berghain is never an easy task. Spending a night or day inside the hallowed super club in Berlin has become somewhat of a right of passage for many Techno aficionados, but getting past the bouncers is a necessary step to enjoying the experience Berghain's Sven Marquardt had an open conversation with men's magazine GQ. Last weekend I actually wore all white at the door, to mess with everybod

Sven, somewhat surprisingly, is also a street photographer who, in the evenings, turns his artistic eye to curating Berghain's crowd. According to his agent (and surely he is the world's only. Den tyska technoklubben Berghain vann över det svenska spelföretaget Beware of Ninja i en rättstvist vid Göteborgs tingsrätt kring företagets kortspel Bergnein, skriver Dagens Nyheter Berghain doorman, Sven Marquardt. Picture: Joerg Carstensen/Corbis Source:Corbis There are multiple blogs and articles written to give out tips on what to do — and not to do — to drum up your. Berghain (pronounced [bɛɐ̯k.haɪn], berk-hine) is a nightclub in Berlin, Germany.It is named after its location near the border between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain in Berlin, and is a short walk from Berlin Ostbahnhof main line railway station. Founded in 2004 by friends Norbert Thormann and Michael Teufele, it has since become one of the world's most famous clubs, and is sometimes called.

Berghaintrainer. An interactive video training for getting into nightclubs Berghain, Berlin: Läs recensioner av resenärer som du och se professionella bilder på Berghain i Berlin, Tyskland på Tripadvisor If you were wondering just what you had to do or wear to qualify for entry into Berghain, you can put your mind to rest now. The club's famous bouncer, Sven Marquardt, known for being picky in terms of clientele, has been interviewed by GQ and has explained what influences the door staff's decisions at the Berlin club. It's subjective

Berghain club bouncer launches memoirs about life as a

Riesige Auswahl an CDs, Vinyl und MP3s. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Svenskt företag förlorar mot Berghain-Sven. Svenskt företag förlorar mot Berghain-Sven. 12 november 2018 16:48. Under hösten 2016 lanserades sällskapsspelet Bergnein i Sverige Famous photographer and Berghain bouncer, Sven Marquardt who rejected many techno fans at the entrance of popular techno club in Berlin get's denied entrance into a Sydney nightclub last weekend. Justice has been served we guess. Sven Marquardt says in a recen Under hösten 2016 lanserades sällskapsspelet Bergnein i Sverige. Både i spelet och i marknadsföringen användes motiv av det gamla kraftverket i Berlin där den mytospunna nattklubben Berghain huserar. Även den välkände dörrvakten på klubben, Sven Marquardt, har från start varit en del av spelet.(TT Berghain Sven Marquardt did not enter the club. In Sydney, he was not allowed in because of his martial facial tattoos. Later I talked to the owner and he told me that he was in Berlin and did not come to the Berghain, Marquardt revealed at the Artist Talk with Sebastian Preuss in the Galerie Deschler

Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt curates an experimental

Svenskt företag förlorar mot Berghain-Sven Sv

Doorman Sven Marquardt is just as legendary as Berghain itself. Heavily tattooed and pierced, he's a minor celebrity in Berlin and the pioneer of fostering the 'right mix' of people to enter. They're really ugly but that's what Berghain wants. I bought a jacket similar to what I had seen Sven wearing, as well as a black felt cap, some suspect fashion specs and a black T-shirt Under hösten 2016 lanserades sällskapsspelet Bergnein i Sverige. Både i spelet och i marknadsföringen användes motiv av det gamla kraftverket i Berlin dä Britney Spears was once turned down by Sven Marquardt at the entrance. 8. Lady Gaga held the album presentation in Berghain in 2013 and it was sad. 9. Sven is actually an amazing photographer and that's what he was and is since the 80-s. You can see the gallery HERE. And no, there is no recipe for getting into Berghain.Taken from his GQ.

Berghain Doorman Sven Marquardt Shares the Secret to His

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It is the most controversial subject in dance music, if we are to take at least one clubber's word for it: the door policy at Berghain, the premier techno club in Berlin.Certainly, while lots of. Visitors have to get past Berghain's infamous bouncer, Sven, before being granted entry Berghain carries with it an unrivalled sense of exclusivity and intrigue. One of the many reasons for this is its infamous door policy - the bouncers who stand at the entrance to Berghain are notoriously difficult to impress 28.11.2012 - Автор пина: LOVE FROM SWEDEN . Находите и прикалывайте свои пины в Pinterest Infamous Berlin nightclub Berghain is notorious for being just so incredibly difficult to get into. And last week, a bunch of American teens on TikTok randomly stumbled upon the club's existence thanks to Berghain Trainer, a site that uses your laptop's camera and microphone to analyse your body language

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Dec 18, 2016 - We sat down with the infamous Sven Marquardt, the gatekeeper of Berghain, to discuss his double life as a photographer. Watch our chat right here But it's not in a racist way at all. In Berghain their is no VIP everyone is equal (well except for the DJ and staff for obvious reasons) they don't care who you are or how much money you have, money to them is the least of their interest. They have a mean, ruthless, scary bouncer who also happens to be a photographer Sven Marquardt

8 Stereotypes About Berghain That Are Tru

This is still possible in Berghain, Berlin's world-famous techno mecca. Like me, I think Berghain tries to protect the aesthetics of the underground, said DVS1 From chief bouncer Sven Marquardt to its iconic Wolfgang Tillmans artwork to its strict no cameras policy, Berghain really is unlike any other club on the planet. With all this in mind, we decided to run through some of the club's most iconic moments. Or, at least, the printable ones Berghain opens in current location (2004 Sven Marquardt Jonathan Monk Sandra Mujinga Carsten Nicolai Katja Novitskova Emeka Ogboh Henrik Olesen Aude Pariset Max Paul Peles Empire Manfred Pernice Nathan Peter Permanent installations in Berghain: Norbert Bisky Marc Brandenburg Julian Göthe Joseph Marr Wolfgang Tillmans . Date. Personalized ticket for: First name. Last name. Phone.

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Berghain. Tuesday 20.10.2020 Juniore Kantine am Berghain. Tuesday 08.12.2020 Kojey Radical [Cancelled] Kantine am Berghain. Label releases, merch and goods. Ostgut Ton Ostgut Tonträger Record label catalogue › Ostgut Booking Ostgut Booking Artist roster › Subscribe to. DAZED - Clubbing might be off the cards for Berghain thanks to the coronavirus, but the last year has seen the iconic Berlin institution taken over by art installations and exhibitions - and now, a fashion show has been thrown into the mix, too. Landing in the city this week was Daniel Lee, who decided to 21.1k Followers, 0 Following, 12 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sven Marquardt (@svenmarquardt

Sugen på Berghain? Såhär kommer du in Johannas Berli

Sven Marquardt, Berghain Bouncer, was Rejected by a Club

TikTok creators are using the Berghain Trainer website so much it keeps crashing . The infamous Berghain is known across the world not only as one of the best but also hardest clubs to get into. The club's bouncer, Sven Marquardt, is almost as famous as the club itself for his tattoos, general demeanour and secret method of deciding who and who doesn't get let in Vi borde ha anat oråd redan i kön, men vi var så sjukt fokuserad på att pleasa Sven så vi tänkte inte riktigt på att typ 80% av kön blev insläppt (till skillnad från senast när det var typ 50/50). Och när vi väl kom in var det dessvärre för sent. Berghain har blivit Berns

Sven Marquardt, bouncer at club Berghain in Berlin. Close. 1.5k. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Sven Marquardt, bouncer at club Berghain in Berlin. 84 comments. share. save. hide. report. 96% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1 Sven Marquardt, the chief bouncer at Berghain. Source: www.mb.cision.com While these denials seem unfair and discriminatory, many Berlin club owners highly disapprove of groups of mainstream tourists and those too intoxicated to enter their nightclubs The truth is: Berghain is all and only about music, the rest is totally up to you. And this is called freedom. 10. Paris Hilton/Lady Gaga/David Guetta are playing in Berghain. The label of Lady Gaga rented a part of the building for an album release party, that much is true. But she never played in the Club Berghain ( uttalad [bɛɐ̯k.haɪn] , berk-hine ) är en nattklubb i Berlin , Tyskland.Det är uppkallat efter sitt läge nära gränsen mellan Kreuzberg och Friedrichshain i Berlin, och det är en kort promenad från järnvägsstationen Berlin Ostbahnhof .Grundades 2004 av vänner Norbert Thormann och Michael Teufele har sedan dess blivit en av världens mest kända klubbar, och kallas ibland. A video by Sven Marquardt, a heavily tattooed Berghain bouncer, shows scenes of quiet domesticity. Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, too, shows a series of Polaroids depicting flowers she bought each day.

The Influence Of Night Life On Art with Berghain's Sven

Well, someone has opened an official Berghain shop online selling mugs, T-shirts and masks of famous bouncer Sven Marquardt. You can also pick up a banana signed by Ben Klock, a. A new simulator, called Berghain Trainer, seeks to replicate the very same dynamic of the final encounter at the Berghain door. It places you in front of a simulated replacement for Sven, allowing you to interact with a fictitious bouncer as he asks you three questions before deciding whether to let you into the club or not Yet, 30 years after the techno scene awakened at the first Love Parade, Berlin club culture is increasingly coming under threat. Among those sounding a warning is one of the world's most prominent. Det beryktade Berghain, som bekant inhyst i ett gammalt kraftverk i Berlin, är kanske världens mest kända nattklubb. Utöver den omtalat hedonistiska stämningen är Berghain (ö)känt för sin brutalt strikta dörrpolicy och varje helg avvisas drösvis med festsugna gynnare av den skonlösa dörrvakten Sven Marquardt (eller hans kollegor)

Berghain, one of the most notoriously exclusive nightclubs in the world, opened its doors in 2004 in commemoration of Ostgut club, which operated from 1998-2003. From accounts of those who were lucky enough to be granted entry, Berghain is another world: exceptional sound systems blasting resonating bass and tantalizing lights shining over a sea of seasoned partygoers Sven Marquardt May 5 Jun 5 German photographer and bouncer of the famous techno club Berghain in Berlin, Sven Marquardt came to aMBUSH Gallery in May with his latest internationally acclaimed photography exhibition titled 'Future's Past' - also as part of Head On 2016 Berlin's Berghain is notorious for its strict door policy (we've covered that a lot, along with just about every other nightlife media). Equally prolific are tips and trends that may actually be able to get you into the techno mecca. From advice from Sven himself, to cheeky cartoons depicted some other strategies. Now, though, a new virtual. Den tyska technoklubben Berghain är känd för att vara extremt svår att komma in på. Beslutet om vem som får komma in tar den ikoniske dörrvakten Sven Marquardt.. Nyss nämnda inkastare blev inte alls glad när han fick nys om att några svenskar jobbade med ett kortspel som just handlade om att försöka komma in på klubben

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Its head bouncer, Sven Marquardt, has even published a memoir of his time acting as the St. Peter of Berghain. His philosophy is all about ensuring the crowd is a right mix, which means even celebrities do not get preferential treatment. Britney Spears was once allegedly turned away from Berghain for not wearing the right outfit Sven Marquardt Photographer. Artist Booking Request. Kathrin Hain. About Marquardt has been working on the door of Berghain since 2004 and from 2007 onwards he's been significantly involved in the visual appearance of the club's in-house record label Ostgut Ton

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini October 07, 2016 Play Sven Marquardt In This New Berghain Card Game. It seems that everybody wants to know how to get into the elusive Berghain, dubbed by many established publications as the hardest club to get into in the entire world.. Those attempting to get into the Berlin club plan ahead, working to perfect their strategy to ensure that Sven Marquardt, the club. Sven Marquardt (Berghain Bouncer) was denied entry in a club in Australia this weekend. Justice has been served I gues Berghain does not want you looking at They had glitter tattoos on the backs of their jeans and Sven Marquardt — the famous bouncer with the pierced face — liked this so much that he. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2008 CD release of Berghain 02 on Discogs

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Berghain: Väldens bästa klubb - se 941 omdömen, 107 bilder och fantastiska erbjudanden på Berlin, Tyskland på Tripadvisor Find the perfect Sven Marquardt stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Sven Marquardt of the highest quality High quality Berghain gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Berghain is supposed to be the most difficult club to get into. We built an interactive video website that uses face and speech recognition to decide about the users entrance. You'll be walking along the famous club queue to find bouncer Sven at the entrance. He'll ask you three random question and if you answer them appropriately, you might.

How not to get into Berlin′s coolest clubs | Scene in

Unique Berghain clothing designed and sold by artists for women, men, and everyone. Shop our range. Berghain's head bouncer, Sven Marquardt, is a celebrity in his own right. He and his equally intimidating team have turned away hundreds of thousands of hopeful dancers, a huge proportion of which fly to Berlin specifically to visit its clubs (Berghain especially), leading to allegations of racism, among other things Berghain Nightclub Berghain Bouncer Sven Berghain Berlin Techno Berghain Interior Tresor Berlin Panorama Bar Berlin Berghain Club Berlin Berghain Berlin Darkroom Berghain Outfit Berghain Party Inside Berghain Berlin Germany Clubs Berghain Dress Berghain Door Man Halle AM Berghain Snax Berlin Berghain People Berghain Map Berghain Trainer Friedrichshain Berlin Berlin Dance Clubs Berlin Club. Berghain je noční klub v Berlíně, specializovaný převážně na elektronickou hudbu.Nachází se v budově bývalé elektrárny na hranicích čtvrtí Kreuzberg a Friedrichshain nedaleko nádraží Berlin Ostbahnhof.. Berghain vznikl v roce 2004 na základech klubu Ostgut, který existoval od roku 1998

Sven Marquardt: Shades of Autumn // nude - YouTube

336 reviews of Berghain Oh my god, fantastic...Thats the first thing that comes up in my mind when thinking of Berghain. Berlins underground club scene meets industrial dark electro meets extreme crowd on drugs meets a neverending party. Weve been told to go here on a Sunday morning (yes..in the morning), and they couldnt have been more right The fashion show had many prestigious guests including the club's bouncer Sven Marquardt. Amongst other celebrities that visited Berghain last week, we can find Honey Dijon, Slowthai, Skepta. Berghain|Art In The Club Available to Pre-order Now August 3, 2015 die Kanzel Art In The Club, Berghain, Berlin, book, Carsten Nicolai, Dorothée Brill, Kunst im Klub, Le Spleen de Paris, Ostgut Ton, pre-order, Sarah Schönfeld, Stefan Goldmann, Sven Marquardt, techno, Thilo Schneider, Thomas Meinecke Leave a commen

Les mémoires de Sven Marquardt, le videur du BerghainBerghain stories: Berlin nightclub has secret rooms forThe Pillow Alternative City Guide: BerlinSee Inside Berghain in Ricardo Villalobos‘ New DocumentaryCan You Get Into (Virtual) Berghain?Berghain: Diese Stars lieben den Berliner Techno-Club der
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